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AI powered visual ideation

  • Make visual-layouts of design projects of any size, from a social post, to a massive website.
  • Play with the structure and elements until you’re happy.
  • Collaborate in real time with your team and clients.


  1. Visual sitemaps + AI
  2. Drag & drop layouts
  3. Interactive elements (links, carousels, forms, and more)
  4. Real-time collaboration

Claritee combines principles from project-planning and project-requirement-documents (PRDs), and principles from collaborative design software, while eliminating the things that don’t work.

Claritee is a place for anyone to ideate design plans, play with them, and make changes quickly.

It brings design collaboration outside of the design process, which has 2 main benefits:

  1. It makes it easier for contributors from different disciplines to provide meaningful input for the design requirements.
  2. It enables designers to separate planning and feedback from creativity and designing.

With Claritee, you can speed up the process of design planning, and end the designer-stakeholder friction.




Understand your design plan with AI powered visual ideation!
Create a visual sitemap with sections! Plan the page hierarchy with AI or the URL to sitemap feature.
Build your content plan on each page! Add content, images, forms, buttons, links, graphs, and more.
Great decisions aren’t made alone! Invite your team/stakeholders and coordinate decisions about your plans and designs.

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal