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Trying to chase down all the signatures you need to run a business shouldn’t feel like a game of cat and mouse. (“Now I know what Jerry put Tom through.”)

And if disorganized email chains weren’t bad enough, you still have to deal with the chaos of downloading and storing signed documents on your devices.

What if there was a platform that made it super easy to collect signatures and then keep all your documents in shipshape?

Jump into Ethicsign.


Collect legally binding signatures in bulk and manage all your documents on a simplified dashboard
Secure your documents and prevent unauthorized access with optional two-factor authentication


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Allows Existing Accounts


Ethicsign is a document signing platform with flexible options to collect, manage, and secure signatures in bulk.

View important document metrics on a clean and easy-to-understand dashboard that tracks the number of pending, completed, and sent documents.

Ethicsign’s platform provides an audit trail, giving you access to a secure, comprehensive record of all changes made to a document.

On top of that, all your documents are protected with advanced encryption and optional two-factor authentication to make sure no one tampers with your private info.

Keep track of all your documents with a single glance on a simplified dashboard.

Choose and add input fields to any document and even make certain fields required for signers.

These fields include name, email, company, checkboxes, dropdowns, and much more.

All the input fields can be sized to better fit your document’s layout so you can keep the formatting neat and professional.

Create input fields on any document to collect the information you need.

Plus, you can upload your documents to the platform from your computer to start collecting signatures, no matter where they live.

Import documents from Google, OneDrive, and Dropbox, saving you the extra step of downloading them first.

The platform supports bulk signing, which means the same parties can sign multiple documents with one click!

Upload documents directly from your computer or cloud storage.

Ethicsign also lets you add as many signatures as you want to save time on multiple tedious rounds of signing.

Set your documents to be signed in parallel or even in a series, which is perfect if you need multiple departments to sign a document in a particular order.

Is someone out of office or unreachable? You can assign an alternative signer to any signatory so you’re not stuck waiting for anyone.

Recipients can sign multiple documents with one click from the pending documents list.

With a simplified interface, cloud integrations, and options for multiple signatories, Ethicsign gives you everything you need to speed up your document-signing process.

Sign anywhere, anytime.

Get lifetime access to Ethicsign today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal