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It’s never been easier to go viral with faceless short content and yet you don’t go viral because:

• You don’t know how to edit a video and how to go viral

• You don’t have the time to edit videos every day

• You don’t know what’s trending

• You don’t know what to post

OneCliK lets you automate your faceless videos (eligible for TikTok and Youtube monetization) to go viral fast, and build an engaged community.

It will allows you to generate a video from scratch by adding:

🎤 Al Voices

🎞️ Unique background videos

📝 Auto Captions

🚀 and much more…

You’ll finally be able to create a real faceless community, and monetize it with your views and/or your products and services.


Create hundreds of videos in a single day
Automatic subtitles, background videos, AI voice, AI script, and more



Use viral templates that have already proven their worth.

The first step in creating a video with OneCliK is to choose a template.

Currently we have Reddit Stories, Chat Stories, Split Screen, and AI Video.

These templates let you take concepts that have already gone viral and still are. So you can use them with your own script and vision to go viral easily.

All you have to do is use the viral templates developed by our virality experts (other templates will be added according to market trends and feedback from our users).

Choose your background videos from our selection of hundreds of unique backgrounds (or insert your own).

To create a faceless video, you’ll need background videos.

You can choose from our library of attention-grabbing viral videos, or insert your own background video.

All our videos have been modified (our gameplay are 100% unique) to meet TikTok and YouTube monetization criteria.

Extract script from viral videos OR insert your own and choose your AI voices.

Whatever template you choose, you’ll need to insert a script and choose your voice to generate your video (except for the Split Screen template, which will be a YouTube video).

You can extract the script from a viral video and use it with modifications, or translate it directly to reach other markets.


Insert your own script manually.

(Pro Plan members will benefit from an Al Script Writer to create the script in 1 click depending on the chosen template)

For the voice, you will have to choose from our 45 ultra-realistic voices, featuring the most viral voices used on the social media.

Adjusts video subtitles, speed, and music.

Once your video has been generated, all you have to do is customize it to your guide, or post it as is.

You can modify the font, style, position and number of words displayed for each frame.

You can also speed up the video to make it more dynamic.

And last but not least, choose from our viral music, add your own, and adjust the music volume.

Each template has a different flow, so it’s up to you to try them out (it’s very simple).

We currently have 4 templates (Reddit Stories, Chat Stories, Split Screen, Al Video).

Each template has its own flow, while keeping things as simple as possible.

You’ll be able to generate any video in under 5 minutes, even if it’s your first time.

Future templates will be created in line with market trends and customer feedback.

You’ll be able to play an active part in the development of future templates.

What are you still waiting for?

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Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal