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Unless you’re a cybersecurity expert, you don’t need to know all the nitty gritty details about site monitoring tools. (“Apparently ‘zero-day protection’ is a good thing??”)

And you’re not just being bogged down by all this technical jargon—you’re also paying an arm and a leg for features you’ll never use.

Wish there was a simple monitoring tool that could alert you the moment your website or server hiccups, without all the fluff features?

Meet UptimeMonster.


Monitor any website with real-time updates and comprehensive analytics
Deliver peak server performance with detailed monitoring tools that instantly alert you about any issues



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UptimeMonster is an all-in-one monitoring tool that lets you debug, manage, and monitor website and server uptime with ease.

Monitor your website 24/7

With UptimeMonster, you’ll get a reliable, cloud-based monitoring solution that keeps tabs on your website’s availability, performance, and security 24/7.

  • Secure your site, tracking everything from page uptime to web transactions
  • Access a WordPress activity log to see any action taken on your site with user details
  • Get a custom branded status page with real-time operational updates
Keep tabs on your website and view site activity using the WordPress activity log.

Optimize your server performance

UptimeMonster’s server monitoring makes it easy to monitor your servers around the clock so they operate at peak efficiency.

  • Set customized triggers to handle abnormal issues as they occur
  • Coordinate data across your entire stack to quickly pinpoint potential issues
  • View key system metrics, from RAM usage and disk space to real-time network speeds and load averages
Monitor your servers around the clock for optimal security and performance.

Customize your alert triggers

Best of all, UptimeMonster offers advanced alerting capabilities that notify you as soon as something goes wrong.

  • Set alerts based on specific performance thresholds, like load times or resource usage
  • Define who gets notified about what and when, as well as your escalation process
  • Customize how to receive alerts, with options for email, SMS, phone call, Slack, and more
Customize alerts to ensure the right person receives the notification at the right time.

Escalate issues, on your terms

In a few clicks, you can customize an escalation policy and tailor the response rules based on team availability and bandwidth.

  • Create a multistep policy with different response times and actions for each step
  • Customize notifications so specific team members get direct alerts
  • Use repeating policies to ensure continuous coverage until the issue is effectively addressed
  • Get debugged data and collaborate with your team to fix the root cause of the incident
Create a tailored escalation process to ensure optimal and ongoing incident coverage.

UptimeMonster monitors your website and server while sending real-time alerts to help you resolve performance issues in a snap.

Keep your site up and running.

Get lifetime access to UptimeMonster today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal