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People rave about all these new productivity hacks, but they don’t seem to make life any easier. (“So if I’m in the ice bath, who’s checking off my to-do list?”)

Even though methods like the Pomodoro technique may help with time management, they’re not going to tackle the work for you.

That’s why you need a personal AI assistant that can do just about anything, from writing emails to scheduling meetings.

Say hello to Alice.


Chat with top AI models like OpenAI or Perplexity, and create keyboard shortcuts
Integrate your entire tech stack to automate tasks and execute commands



Alice is an AI assistant that uses leading AI models to complete mundane tasks with quick replies, keyboard shortcuts, and automations.

Instant AI-powered responses

Thanks to this AI assistant, you can find exactly what you’re looking for without your workflow grinding to a halt.

  • Leverage top AI models like OpenAI, Perplexity, Anthropic, and offline models
  • Draft emails, brainstorm ideas, and perform complex tasks on easy mode
  • Store conversations locally for maximum security
Get fast, reliable answers with an AI assistant that’s powered by top AI models.

Work smarter with prompts

You’ll be able to access a library of prompts for common, repetitive tasks to streamline your workflow overnight.

  • Correct grammar, brainstorm fresh ideas, and generate summaries
  • Create your own snippets and assign keyboard shortcuts for quick access
Access time-saving prompts any time with customizable keyboard shortcuts.

AI assistants for every task

Best of all, Alice lets you create AI assistants who understand your projects and can finish anything on your to-do list.

  • Create specialized snippets with detailed instructions for any kind of task
  • Offload marketing, sales, legal, or administrative tasks to your new assistants
Create multiple AI assistants and train them to complete different tasks and projects.

Automate your entire tech stack

You can also integrate Alice with your digital ecosystem using Make, Zapier, or your own API to execute commands remotely.

  • Monitor Stripe transactions and product sales
  • Track daily tasks on Todoist, Asana, Clickup, or Notion
  • Keep tabs on development projects and sprints on Jira or Linear
Integrate this AI assistant with your entire tech stack via API, Zapier, or Make.

Alice gives you the power to turn prompts into keyboard shortcuts, automate repetitive tasks, and assign projects to personalized AI assistants.

Maximize your efficiency.

Get lifetime access to Alice today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal