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As if making great videos wasn’t hard enough, you also have to churn out social posts to keep your brand relevant. (“At least Steven Spielberg doesn’t have to write Instagram captions.”)

Whether you’re using an agency, working with freelancers, or doing it all yourself, trying to repurpose elements from one video for promo content is overwhelming.

That’s why you need an AI-powered content manager that lets you turn one video into over 30 pieces of engaging content in just a few clicks.

Make way for Alphana.


Turn any video or podcast into 30+ pieces of engaging content
Automate your content creation process for LinkedIn posts, short-form clips, blogs, and more with AI cards


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Alphana is an AI content manager that turns your videos into over 30 pieces of ready-to-post content in record time.

Do more with your video content

Alphana lets you instantly turn your video or podcast into over 30 types of content—all you have to do is drop in your video.

  • Generate LinkedIn posts, short-form clips, blogs, and newsletters based on your video or podcast
  • Import existing content from YouTube, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox
  • Easily download content to share on your preferred platforms
Transform your videos into multiple content types like YouTube Shorts and LinkedIn posts.

Customize your workflows

You can choose from customizable workflow templates based on your preferred content type, style, and needs.

  • Use AI cards paired with natural language prompts to automate content creation
  • Create workflows for repurposing videos or podcasts
  • Generate AI images from text and videos to make your content visually engaging
Use AI cards to customize your workflows and speed up your content creation process.

Boost content with AI-powered templates

You’ll also get access to a library of AI cards and templates based on popular podcasts or YouTube videos to level up your content.

  • Get ready-to-use templates for catchy titles, viral hooks, and engaging social media posts
  • Enhance social media posts with straightforward prompts
Get AI templates for blog posts, social media content, and more to spark your creativity.

Automate and summarize content

From YouTube transcripts and Instagram captions to ebook concepts, Alphana can automatically create different content types.

  • Generate precise video transcripts with timestamps and key takeaways in 36 languages
  • Summarize customer calls, meetings, webinars, and live events to find valuable insights
  • Focus on strategic planning and big picture ideas while Alphana handles the heavy lifting
Automate content creation and summarize videos for newsletters and key takeaways.

In just a few clicks, Alphana lets you turn existing video or podcast content into compelling social posts, blogs, articles, and so much more.

Supercharge your content creation process.

Get lifetime access to Alphana today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal