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I suggest you to visit Arezzo and choose this hotel

Are you looking for a hotel in Arezzo with an excellent quality/price ratio?

I recommend the Hotel Continentale, located in Piazza Guido Monaco a few steps from the main street (Corso Italia) and in an excellent position to visit the city, despite being in the historic center and within the medieval walls is easily accessible by car as the ZTL begins a few meters ahead.

The location allows you to park your car (if you need it they have a garage very close by) and take it back only at the end of your stay, you can visit Arezzo easily by  walk without any problem.

If you travel by train, the structure is just over 200 meters from the Arezzo station so it is very convenient.

It’s rare to find families that have been running hotels for three generations.

The hotel has been a reference point for many years for people who have to spend a few nights in Arezzo, I have been coming here since I was a child with my father and I have known all three generations that have managed it, the Comanducci family is a very important name in the city, Grandfather Giuseppe immediately after the end of the war decided to invest in the structure that was then carried on by his son Piero with his wife Stefania (Pero was a very appreciated person in the city and has held many positions) and now his grandchildren Raffaella and Marcello (the latter was Councillor for Tourism and President of the local destination authority).

The “family” aspect, however, should not be misleading because the structure is well built and offers professional services at a level equal if not superior to a large chain, precisely because of the family’s intergenerational experience in tourist hospitality.

Everything was perfect! Truly a beautiful hotel, comfortable, clean, central, in the beautiful Arezzo ... the staff is friendly and attentive to the customer ... large rooms, immaculate bathrooms, soundproofing practically perfect, varied and quality breakfast. And then the terrace where you can enjoy a good drink and enjoy the wonderful view of Arezzo is unique!


In the hotels where I stay, I always look for environments that give me warmth.

The hotel is built inside a building from the early 1900s, over time it has been renovated and refurbished so that every time I went back I found different environments from the previous trip.

The style chosen for the common areas is classic, not suitable for lovers of minimalism and hyper-modern furniture, I really like it because it transmits a lot of warmth and I find it appropriate for a historic building in a city with a thousand years of history as Arezzo, personal opinion but I find out of place other hotels furnished in modern style.

I do not list all the services it offers, take a look at the official website and you will find all the information but if I can give you a tip, there is one thing that I think makes it unique in Arezzo and that is the panoramic terrace on the sixth floor.

If you look on google or tripadvisor you will see that 90% of those who stay at the Hotel Continentale have posted a picture of the beautiful medieval Tuscan town taken from the terrace, a breathtaking view that is impossible to find elsewhere.

Every time I stay in Arezzo and spend the night at the Hotel Continentale I relax at the end of the evening with a nice cocktail while watching the spectacle that our ancestors have left us.

You can’t call yourself a tourist if you haven’t visited Arezzo at least once.

Sgarbi has defined it several times as one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and even though the phrase may seem exaggerated I can assure you that you cannot understand it until you spend a few days in Arezzo.

I live in Lombardy, I travel a lot for work, but what I find extraordinary about Arezzo is its authenticity, the strength of the city lies in its characteristic of not being a “mass” tourist town, so it is really beautiful but quiet and where you can enjoy your visit in total tranquility.

In recent years it has grown a lot as a tourist destination but the people of Arezzo themselves are controversial characters, as Dante called them “botoli ringhiosi”, people with a big heart, often true geniuses (just think that Vasari and Petrarch were born here, Michelangelo and Guido D’Arezzo were born a few kilometers away), they are true Tuscans and often do not hesitate to tell you what they think even if it is not “politically correct”.

Stop to eat in any osteria or trattoria in the historic center, the culinary experience will be incredible and you will understand what I mean by “authentic” people, try to order a very cooked Chianina and you will tell me what happens :-).

If I have to recommend a place with typical Tuscan products I often go to the ancient trattoria l’agania (or Cantuccio), or when I want to have a more “easy” dinner eat a Chianina burger at Ristoburger, top level.

Art and culture … Arezzo it’s a little Florence

Tuscany is all beautiful, there is no doubt about that, but Arezzo is a concentration of art, culture and nature.

Piazza Grande will take your breath away, the Medici fortress is a unique complex in Italy, Casa Vasari, Casa Petrarca, not to mention the most beautiful work of art in the world, the story of the true cross of Piero della Francesca in the church of San Francesco, who loves art will have goose bumps.

If you are looking for a different kind of weekend, I suggest you book a room at the Hotel Continentale and spend at least three days (two nights) visiting the city. If you are a nature lover, you can extend your stay by a few days, ask the reception desk to rent you an ebike and visit the parks and forests around the city, they are something unique.