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It’s hard to meet your business goals when you’re juggling all the random tasks that come with running a business. (“Note to self: We’re running low on sticky notes.”)

You know you won’t be able to scale without support, but bringing on new hires isn’t in your budget right now.

If only there was an AI tool that let you create a clone of yourself that could handle all the tasks on your plate.

Say hello to BHuman Persona.


Create an AI clone with your face, voice, knowledge, and personality
Let your AI clone answer emails, take meetings, and do online tasks for you



BHuman Persona is an AI cloning tool that lets you automate tasks so you can scale your productivity.

Clone yourself with AI

BHuman Persona makes it easy to clone your face, voice, knowledge, and personality to create an AI clone ready to jump into action.

  • Train your AI clone to know what you know via URLs, PDFs, videos, audio, and even plain text
  • Leverage machine learning so your clone evolves based on your behavior, feedback, and new situations
Upload training data from different sources to whip up your AI clone.

Streamline your inbox

Your AI persona will study your writing style and automatically respond to incoming emails in your voice—while you stay focused on your work.

  • Generate drafts that you can approve or edit before sending
  • Create strategic goals so the AI can lead common queries to specific outcomes
  • Set up custom reply delays that mimic your usual response time
In just a few clicks, you can integrate your AI clone to automatically reply to emails

Skip boring Zoom meetings

  • Let your AI clone sit in on virtual meetings, and then get a brief report of what was shared
  • Send a chat link of your AI clone so folks can talk to “you” without having to schedule a call

You’ll even be able to embed your AI clone onto your website, letting visitors communicate in text, audio calls, or even video calls.

Your AI clone can attend Zoom meetings on your behalf, freeing up your calendar.

Delegate tasks to your AI clone

Best of all, your AI clone has its own browser to complete multiple tasks on your behalf—it can even spin up more clones!

  • Describe your task in the search bar and your clone will take care of the rest
  • Observe your AI clone as it works, chat with it, and jump in to help if needed
Turn your AI clone into an independent virtual assistant that can speed through tasks for you.

Don’t stretch yourself thin! BHuman Persona lets you create an AI clone that can answer emails, take calls, and carry out online tasks just like you would.

Supercharge your productivity.

Get lifetime access to BHuman Persona today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal