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Is your customer support team overwhelmed, customers frustrated, and feedback gathering is a hassle?

Delivering exceptional customer experiences continues to be more crucial than ever for running successful online businesses. However, there is often a struggle to provide consistent, timely, personalized customer interactions across an entire customer journey.

We have an easy solution for you — introducing CX Genie: The customer support platform that delivers exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint through the use of our AI-powered personalized chatbot.


AI-powered chatbot for automating routine tasks and personalizing interactions
Streamlines customer service, boosts sales, and enhances user engagement



The dashboard provides you with a single-source view into all of your customer interactions.

Manage and optimize customer interactions with the intuitive dashboard: The comprehensive dashboard provides a unified view of your customer interactions, helping you to track chatbot performance, identify top customers, spot trends, and gain insights into customer satisfaction.

Automate, engage, and gather feedback to boost customer satisfaction and drive sales: Our AI-powered chatbot will help you handle routine tasks, proactively engage with customers, and collect valuable feedback.

Unlock success with CX Genie: boost satisfaction, slash costs, improve efficiency, and watch revenue grow!

Explore the top benefits of using CX Genie for your online business:

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: CX Genie’s 24/7 AI chatbots ensure seamless support, eliminating wait times and boosting satisfaction through proactive interactions and personalized recommendations.
  2. Reduced Customer Support Costs: Automation of routine tasks frees up your agents, while self-service chatbots handle inquiries, saving you from high costs while enabling high-quality support.
  3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Chatbots tackle a wide range of queries, while accessing real-time data, streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making.
  4. Increased Sales and Revenue: Proactive engagement and personalized recommendations drive sales through upsells, upgrades, and referrals, while feedback fuels your product improvements.
Smarten up your chatbot by uploading FAQs, articles, documents or website URLs.

CX Genie offers a 24/7 virtual agent to handle e-commerce customer service, which can be created easily with one click.

The platform works with multiple data sources, ensuring the chatbot can access diverse information for comprehensive and accurate responses. Upload all the data that you have, interact with the chatbot in the voice you want it to use, and watch your chatbot get smarter by the minute!

1-click chatbot magic! Test CX Genie now: enter your store URL & get a custom AI assistant instantly.

You can easily book a demo with our support team for any inquiries or technical issues you might have.

We’re committed to providing exceptional support, ensuring that every single customer receives the best possible assistance to fully utilize their chatbot’s capabilities and achieve remarkable results.

Experience the power of CX Genie today and revolutionize your customer experience journey.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance satisfaction, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.

Join CX Genie now and embark on a journey towards exceptional customer success!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal