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Letterly is now exclusively available to AppSumo Plus members as an early access special with limited-time pricing starting at $49. Pricing increases on 6/28 for General Access.

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Ever had a great idea slip away because your hands were busy?

Been stuck staring at a black screen, unable to put your thoughts into words?

Or felt overwhelmed by emails that need replies, but put them off because it felt like too much hassle?

Meet Letterly, a mobile app that turns your speech into well-written text using AI.

Writing messages, content creation, gathering thoughts – it’s all a breeze with Letterly!


Easily and quickly turn your speech into well-written text using a convenient mobile app
Capture your voice and then let AI do the writing: messages, social media posts, notes – whatever you want



Using Letterly is as easy as 1-2-3… just see the above image!

The idea behind Letterly is very simple: you just speak into it and get the text you need.

This isn’t just another AI-generated text: linguists worked to train the model so that the texts would be perfect.

You can even preserve the tone of your voice, making it sound like you wrote it yourself.

Check out this example of Letterly in action.

Writing messages (especially long ones) will no longer be a hassle for you.

Just voice the thoughts you want to put in the message.

You can choose how to rewrite it – slightly, significantly, or in another way.

15 rewrite options are available now, and there will be more to come.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X… no matter your platform of choice, Letterly has you covered.

Sometimes content creators have rough ideas about what to write, but it’s hard to generate the text.

This is called writer’s block.

It turns out, it’s really solved by speaking your thoughts at Letterly.

For more specific needs, you can ask Letterly to write “X Post” or “LinkedIn post”.

Now you’ll never run out of content ideas!

Find out for yourself why our users absolutely love us!

Many Letterly users say they love using it for recording their thoughts or journaling.

This helps them keep important ideas, organize their thoughts better, and reflect on the go.

Letterly gives these thoughts a clear, structured form so that with just one glance at the text, you will remember what the note was about.

Letterly is jam-packed with these and many other great features.

Letterly is a convenient native mobile app with fantastic UX and equally impressive texts.

The team is constantly working on new useful features.

Download and try to effortlessly turn your speech into well-written text.

Get lifetime access to Letterly today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal