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Why do only large businesses benefit from the power of AI? We have built voice & chatbot agents that are no-code and can be deployed by any person using just prompts on the LLM model. Also, our QnA text chatbots are powerful and easy to set up. Our voice agents support both inbound and outbound calls.

We have built our custom voice orchestration infrastructure.


April 2024

  1. Human Handover: AI + Human makes it the killer combination! Let your users reach out to a human support agent if they face any challenges (all built-in without the need for any 3rd party tool).
  2. Tool – Google Calendar: Now use your AI Phone Agent with Google Calendar and let your customers book appointments, demos, meetings, etc. just over the phone call itself. There is no need for receptionists and AI will handle them 24×7.


Create your own custom ChatGPT chatbots trained on your own unique data
Build, customize, and deploy your AI agent effortlessly all with no coding



The human touch, powered by AI agents.

Experience the power of seamless communication with our cutting-edge 2-Way Voice feature. Elevate your interactions and engage users more naturally and dynamically. Our chatbot isn’t just text-based; it’s a fully immersive experience that includes voice interactions in both directions. This means not only can your chatbot understand and respond to spoken commands, but it can also articulate responses with a human-like voice, providing a personalized and interactive conversation.


Supports multiple languages: can understand & speak more than 50 languages, detects the users’ language and answers back in the same language.

Human-like Interaction: Break the boundaries of traditional text-based chatbots and deliver a more human-like conversation with our 2-Way Voice feature.

Enhanced User Engagement: Capture and retain your audience’s attention with the richness of voice interactions, making the user experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Versatile Applications: From customer support to virtual assistants, our chatbot’s 2-Way Voice feature opens up new possibilities for a wide range of applications.

Say goodbye to generic chatbots. is the platform for creating AI Agents for SMBs and

We have 2 offerings:

  1. AI Chatbot Agents
  2. AI Phone Agents

Chatbot agents can be trained on the knowledge base and used for user queries. Users can also use voice to ask questions and it will respond in voice.

Phone agents use Twilio to receive/make phone calls and let the AI do the talking. It can directly book anything in your Google Calendar. We’ve built our own voice orchestration infrastructure with sub-second latency.

WhatsApp integration helps you stay in contact.

You can connect your own WhatsApp Business account to reach your customers.

Say goodbye to generic chatbots.

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Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal