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Even if you are crafting blog posts day in and day out, search engines can still pass you by. (“Pick me, choose me, list me.”)

With so many different SEO tips and tricks out there, it’s impossible to know what’s working, what isn’t, and when you need to pivot your content strategy.

If only there was an AI-powered writing tool that could help you whip up content that drives organic traffic to your site.

Meet Junia AI.


Generate long-form content with images and headlines that can be published straight to your site
Get insights into keywords, links, competitors, and more with a suite of AI-powered research tools



Junia AI is an AI writing tool that helps you create SEO-optimized long-form content to optimize your overall writing process.

Write articles with AI

Junia AI helps you create long-form articles with high-ranking keywords and strategic links so you can dominate the SERPs.

  • Write SEO-optimized content like blog posts, press releases, and product reviews with AI
  • Generate images for blog posts with SEO-friendly captions
  • Get data-backed outlines with engaging headlines based on competitor research
With the power of AI, you can generate fresh content that drives more traffic to your website.

Level up your content

  • Gain insights into keywords, competitors, links, and suggestions for improvement
  • Use the AI text editor to paraphrase, summarize, expand, shorten, or add citations

Even better, you’ll be able to localize and translate content in over 30 languages to reach a global audience.

Optimize content with insights into your keywords, competitors, links, and more.

Connect with popular publishing platforms

Junia AI integrates with popular publishing platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, and Medium, so you can start using this tool right away.

  • Plug in relevant internal links with anchor texts into your website content
  • Generate compelling meta titles, meta descriptions, and FAQs to increase traffic
Supports third-party integrations with WordPress, Medium, Webflow, and Shopify.

Chat with Junia AI

Need more help? You can analyze and answer questions about any files, including PDFs and Word documents, with this ChatGPT alternative.

  • Choose a prompt from the prompt library so you’re not starting a conversation from scratch
  • Extract information from links and receive answers from legitimate online sources
Use Junia AI chat to extract information from files and website links.

In just a few clicks, Junia AI helps you create and publish SEO-optimized content across multiple platforms to drive more traffic to your site.

Generate high-ranking content with AI.

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Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal