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Struggling to create an eye-catching promo, demo, or tutorial video? Are you tired of spending hours editing your recordings to make them attractive?

Introducing FocuSee, the screen recorder that automates the process, turning your screen recordings into stunning videos in just a minute.

With FocuSee, you’ll save precious hours and effort on video editing, allowing you to focus on creating compelling content.


Instantly transform screen recordings into captivating videos
Compatible with both Mac and Windows



Effortlessly highlight key elements with dynamic pan & zoom effects.

Automatic pan & zoom effect

FocuSee simplifies the process by automatically applying dynamic pan & zoom effects to your screen recordings, ensuring key elements are highlighted effortlessly.

  • Highlight key elements with dynamic pan & zoom effects
  • Enhance audience engagement effortlessly
Streamline content creation with pre-set canvas sizes tailored for social media platforms.

Pre-set canvas sizes tailored for social media

Save time with pre-set canvas sizes, specifically designed for various social media platforms, streamlining your content creation process.

  • Optimize content effortlessly for different social media platforms
  • Streamline content creation with pre-set canvas sizes
Explore diverse export and sharing options with FocuSee.

Variety of export and sharing options

Experience flexibility with FocuSee’s diverse export and sharing options, including MP4 or GIF formats up to 4K resolution.

  • Export content seamlessly in multiple formats
  • Share content effortlessly with flexible options
Elevate viewer engagement with interactive elements.

Add interactive elements for online videos

Boost viewer engagement by integrating interactive elements like quizzes and call-to-action buttons directly into your videos, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

  • Increase viewer engagement with interactive elements
  • Embed quizzes and CTAs for enhanced interaction
Enhance accessibility with AI-generated auto-captions.

AI-generated auto-captions

Ensure accessibility and engagement with AI-generated auto-captions, allowing for easy editing to guarantee clarity and accessibility for all viewers.

  • Enhance accessibility with AI-generated auto-captions
  • Edit captions easily for clarity and engagement

FocuSee revolutionizes the screen recording process, offering automated features that streamline post-production tasks, saving you time and effort.

Experience seamless video creation with FocuSee today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal