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Capturing your product in action can feel like you’re trying to take a picture of the moon. (“My iPhone isn’t doing this justice.”)

Truth is, it takes a lot of time to stage, record, edit, and publish demos that would inspire more prospects to convert.

Wish there was an AI-powered platform that let you create sleek product tours, guides, and videos in just minutes?

Meet Layerpath.


Create tours, guides, and videos from one screen recording
Add captions and voice overs with AI to create more compelling videos


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Layerpath is an AI-powered platform that helps you create, embed, and share product tours, how-to guides, and promo videos.

Create multiple demo types at once

Layerpath makes it easy to create follow-along tours, step-by-step screenshot guides, and demo videos at the same time.

  • Record your screen to demo your product using the Chrome extension
  • Upload screenshots from your computer or reuse assets from your Layerpath library
Create and manage interactive demos, guides, and videos from one dashboard.

Enhance demos with AI

Even better, you’ll be able to generate captions and voice overs with AI to provide meaningful context to your demos.

  • Automatically generate text for step-by-step instructions with AI instead of typing it all out
Flesh out your demos with AI-generated text and voice overs.

Tailor your demos to your brand

Layerpath’s intuitive customization feature lets you edit every visual and interactive element to create engaging demos.

  • Upload your Brand Kit to automatically adjust images, fonts, and colors to match your branding
  • Integrate a lead form into your demo to start collecting customer information
  • Add background music, pick a background color, and choose the frame rate of your videos
Get access to tons of customization options to make every demo match your brand.

Share and track your demos

Best of all, it’s a cinch to share your demos with stakeholders and track key engagement metrics like views, drop-offs, and audience demographics.

  • Publish your demo with a public URL or embed it onto your website
  • Export demos as MP4 or GIF files to upload them onto other platforms
Seamlessly share demos and track their performance with powerful analytics.

With just one screen recording, Layerpath lets you create, customize, and share polished demos that can drive more sales.

Whip up interactive demos with AI.

Get lifetime access to Layerpath today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal