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It’s hard to believe AI tools help you work smarter when you’re still stuck switching between tabs to get things done. (“Just call me an AI assistant juggler.”)

With so many AI models and features on the market, you’re using way too much tech to research and generate different types of content.

What if there was a Chrome extension packed with all the AI models you need to speed up your research and content creation process?

Say hello to Merlin.


Access top AI models, like GPT-4, GPT-4o, Claude-3, Gemini, Opus, Mistral, and Llama in one click
Use AI to research and summarize videos, websites, and documents, plus write social media content in 128 languages



Merlin is a Chrome browser extension and web app that gives you access to popular AI models to research, summarize, and write content.

Chat with top AI models, from one browser

With Merlin, you’ll get access to popular AI models, like GPT-4, Claude-3, Gemini 1.5, Leonardo, and others—all from your Chrome web browser.

  • No more switching browser tabs! Use Merlin’s AI Chatbot on every website you visit
  • Leverage advanced image-generation models to create compelling brand narratives
Chat with popular AI models like GPT, Claude, Gemini, and Leonardo from your Chrome browser.

Instant answers from any site or PDF

Merlin makes it easy to chat with any website or document and get instant answers right at your fingertips.

  • Use AI to quickly analyze entire websites in seconds
  • Upload documents and ask specific questions to streamline your research process
  • Scrape website or YouTube content for social media posts
Chat with any website, PDF, or YouTube video to scrape the content and speed up your research process.

Generate content using AI

Merlin also lets you generate content for LinkedIn, Gmail, and X (formerly Twitter)—all without leaving your web browser.

  • Write personalized AI replies to LinkedIn posts and Tweets to increase engagement
  • Generate custom connection request messages to grow your professional network
  • Compose messages or email replies in Gmail without switching tabs
Generate comments and replies on social media without switching tabs.

Summarize content in a snap

To take things up a notch, this browser extension can quickly summarize websites, PDFs, YouTube videos, blogs, and more.

  • Save time by summarizing long-form content and getting to the key points fast
  • Use summaries to decide which YouTube videos are worth watching all the way through
In just seconds, you can summarize YouTube videos to understand the key points.

Merlin gives you access to top AI models, letting you do everything from chatting with websites and documents to summarizing YouTube videos and generating content from one browser.

Optimize content creation with AI.

Get lifetime access to Merlin today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal