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Much like releasing a new album, you don’t want to serve your YouTube ads to the wrong audience. (“Turns out, this campaign is all skips.”)

Problem is, building the right audience takes a lot of trial and error, and every shot in the dark is burning through your ad spend.

What if there was an advertising tool that could help you scrape monetized videos, find the best ad placements, and build target audiences?

Meet TubeSift.


Compile a list of over 300 monetized YouTube videos for ultra-precise ad placements
Find the most relevant websites to retarget your target audience


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TubeSift is a YouTube advertising tool that helps you build highly targeted YouTube audiences in minutes.

Optimize YouTube ad placements

TubeSift finds monetized YouTube videos for your ad placements, so you can market to the right audience.

  • Plug in target keywords to find 300 monetized videos in your niche or industry
  • Scrape titles, thumbnails, keyword tags, captions, and the top 50 words
  • Discover the top 10 videos for ad placements based on views and engagement
Discover hundreds of monetized YouTube videos for your ad placements.

Design tools for non-designers

The Banner Design Studio makes it easy to create marketing assets—even without any design experience.

  • Design engaging thumbnails, banners, and graphics for your blog or website
  • Choose from hundreds of fonts, images, and stickers
Design thumbnails, banners, and marketing assets with the Banner Design Studio.

Targeted display ads

You can use Site Search to find your audience’s favorite websites, so you know exactly where to retarget them.

  • Understand browsing behavior to create ads that resonate with your target audience
  • Create custom segments in Google Ads with this new data
Find the websites your audience likes to visit and retarget them.

Find relevant keywords

Plus, you can generate a list of suggested keywords using the Google and YouTube Keyword tools.

  • Generate ultra-precise keywords for all your ad campaigns
  • Search for high-traffic keywords to find top-performing videos, YouTube channels, and websites
Search for keywords to find top-performing videos, YouTube channels, and websites.

With TubeSift, it’s a breeze to identify relevant keywords and target high-converting YouTube videos, channels, and websites for successful campaigns.

Leverage high-converting YouTube videos.

Get lifetime access to TubeSift today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal