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Turns out, making a video and marketing that video are two very different ball games. (“I’m creative but not *that* creative.”)

On top of everything else, now you have to edit snappy Reels, update your blog, and write a bunch of social posts just to bring in more views.

If only there was an AI tool that could take your YouTube videos and instantly generate loads of SEO-optimized content to promote it.

Meet Video Tap.


Turn your long-form videos into shareable clips for social media, complete with metadata, subtitles, and more
Automatically convert videos into social posts, SEO blogs, and other written content to beef up your marketing


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Video Tap is an AI tool that can turn your full-length videos into shareable clips, text posts, and more for social media.

Transform your long-form videos into bite-size clips, and share them on social media to grow your following.

Video Tap’s AI extracts the best moments from your videos to create eye-catching, short-form content.

And once you’ve got the perfect clip, it’s easy to add your branding, export it, and beef up your digital marketing campaign.

Automatically turn your full-length video into ready-to-share clips.

It doesn’t stop at clips, either! Video Tap can also transform your video into a blog or text post of any length.

The AI can generate posts to match the tone and style of your original video, giving your viewers a new way to engage.

Since all this content is automatically optimized for SEO, you’ll be able to divert more traffic to your website.

Create high-quality blog posts that match the tone and style of your videos.

This tool doesn’t just automatically generate social media clips—it also helps you curate longer videos.

Video Tap can optimize full-length videos for SEO so you can keep attracting a fresh audience.

This AI assistant will even generate tags, chapters, and a compelling description in just minutes.

Level up your YouTube videos with AI-generated descriptions, chapters, and tags.

Beyond short clips and SEO-friendly metadata, Video Tap can also generate summaries, subtitles, and transcripts for your videos.

You can reach a wider audience with accessible options like a full-length video transcript, or even auto-translate posts for a global audience.

And if longer blog posts aren’t your style, you can transform your video content into a series of tweets, LinkedIn posts, email blurbs, and more.

Transform your video content into tweets and other social media posts.

Video Tap tackles everything from AI-generated video clips to text posts and SEO metadata so you can grow a digital audience on easy mode.

Level up your content marketing.

Get lifetime access to Video Tap today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal