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All you need to make professional videos is a teleprompter, script, editing software, and the ability to master it all in a snap. (“Sounds perfect…for the Flash.”)

The truth is, learning how to do every single task is slowing down your productivity and making it harder to actually share your videos with the world.

Good thing there’s a smart video studio packed with a teleprompter, AI-powered scripting, automatic captions, social sharing, and more to help you make videos in no time.

Say hello to BIGVU.


Record video content with confidence using a mobile teleprompter
Create video scripts, add captions, trim, and automatically share on social networks with the power of AI


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BIGVU is an AI-powered video studio packed with features to help you script, record, edit, and share high-quality videos fast.

With the help of BIGVU’s AI Magic Script Writer, you’ll always know just what to say to your audience.

You can select a script template tailored to your video topic—just choose from templates like pitches, video sales letters, news updates, and industry-specific tips.

Once you tell the AI about your business and talking points, the AI Magic Script Writer will generate several scripts to choose from in minutes!

You’ll be able to use this feature to help with new video ideas, or even rewrite an existing script to be more engaging.

With the AI Magic Script Writer, you can generate a script tailored to your use case in just minutes.

Thanks to BIGVU’s teleprompter, the days of memorizing lines or reading from a piece of paper stuck to your phone are over.

You’ll be able to view your script clearly while recording video on your computer or mobile device to stay on topic and eliminate the umm’s and ahh’s on camera.

Choose the speed and font size, so you can read it at your natural pace. You can even check the audio, lock auto-exposure, and adjust the lighting settings.

Show up with confidence on camera by reading your script right off the teleprompter.

BIGVU can automatically generate accurate captions, making it super easy to create accessible content for viewers around the globe.

Once you choose a design theme, you’ll be able to use AI to highlight important words or phrases in your captions.

Plus, it’s a breeze to add split screens, lower third, contact details, music, backgrounds, and your branded logo for a more polished look.

You can even edit scenes on your phone or computer using a storyboard—no editing experience needed!

Create automatic subtitles and incorporate them into your videos using eye-catching themes.

Best of all, BIGVU offers auto-sharing, so you can publish video content to all your social accounts at once, from one place.

Thanks to the AI, you’ll be able to instantly generate optimized text for captions and context for each social media post.

You can share videos on a branded landing page or embed a widget on your website where viewers can easily watch your content.

Plus, you’ll be able to share your videos via email, complete with your logo and a call-to-action button, with only one click.

Use AI to automatically share your videos on social channels and create optimized text posts from the video script.

Just because your film “crew” consists of your smartphone and tabby cat doesn’t mean you can’t crank out professional videos. (“Hold that pose, Meatball. We need a good take!”)

With BIGVU, you get a powerful AI video studio that makes it simple to create stunning, professional videos in a fraction of the time.

Create professional videos fast.

Get lifetime access to BIGVU today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal