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Booltool is an all-in-one, AI-powered content creation toolkit that lets you edit images and videos right from your browser.

With Booltool, you can edit photos and enhance videos in one place—no need to download and switch between different platforms.

Thanks to the intuitive interface, you’ll be able to perfect your visual content even if you’re not an editing or graphic design expert.

Say goodbye to complex editing processes and start creating stunning visuals right from your browser in just a few clicks.

Image and video tools

Enhance visual content using AI-powered tools right from your browser.

Booltool lets you remove image backgrounds in seconds using AI—just upload one or multiple photos in bulk to get started.

From there, the AI will automatically separate the subject from the background, and let you download the foreground directly.

You’ll be able to upload images to replace the old background, or use the AI to generate a new background for you.

Image background remover

Booltool lets you remove and replace image backgrounds in seconds.

Not satisfied with the automatic edit? You can manually adjust which parts of the image background are displayed.

Use the object eraser to remove unwanted subjects, flaws, or watermarks without needing to reshoot or touch Photoshop.

Simply highlight what you want to remove, and Booltool will fill that space to match its surroundings, so you can’t even tell it’s been edited!

Object eraser

It’s a cinch to get rid of any unwanted objects or flaws in photos.

Best of all, you can draw attention to your image by blurring backgrounds that are too busy, badly lit, or distracting.

You’ll be able to adjust the strength of the blur effect to be dramatic or subtle, achieving the right balance between foreground and background.

Whether you’re selling products or taking headshots, you won’t have to worry about the wrong background ruining the end result.

Background blur tool

You can even blur backgrounds to make your content pop.

You shouldn’t have to use tons of editing apps just to tweak one photo on your camera reel. (“See I crop it here, use a preset there, and successfully remove my red-eye nowhere.”)

Lucky for you, Booltool lets you use AI-powered features right in your browser, so you can edit your visual content without any design chops.

Simplify your editing process.

Get lifetime access to Booltool today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal