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Even if you’re an experienced coder, writing error-free code gets stressful fast. (“I might as well rename my variables ‘hopeThisWorks’ and ‘pleaseDontBreak.’”)

You simply don’t have the time to search through complex codebases and then refactor, debug, document, and write test cases for every line of code all by yourself.

Wish there was a tool that could help you whip up bug-free code and give you personalized AI responses to all your queries related to your code in record time?

Make way for CodeMate AI.


Search, navigate, and chat across codebases, web URLs, and GitHub repositories with AI
Refactor, create documentation, generate test cases, and debug your code with natural language


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CodeMate AI is a precise, personalized, and private AI pair programmer that lets you write clean, functioning code in natural language.

Search and chat with your codebase

Say goodbye to Google searches and long Stack Overflow answers! CodeMate AI lets you find what you’re looking for and get answers to questions by simply asking the AI.

  • Build a knowledge base by connecting your current codebase, web URLs, and GitHub repositories to refer to later
  • Chat directly with your knowledge base like you’re talking to ChatGPT with real-time web search
  • Generate code in all programming languages with one click
With CodeMate AI, you get an AI expert for your entire codebase, web URLs, and GitHub repositories.

Generate detailed review reports

CodeMate AI analyzes your codebase using machine learning algorithms and LLMs to generate industry-standard review reports.

  • Get a high-level overview of each file in your codebase
  • Identify potential security vulnerabilities arising across your codebase
  • Evaluate your code on best industry practices and coding standards
Generate review reports on security vulnerabilities in line with industry-wide programming standards.

Write and modify code with inline commands

You’ll be able to improve your code in record time by simply explaining what you want changed in natural language within your editor.

  • Generate docstrings/inline comments and refactor code in seconds
  • Debug and review your entire code to ship bug-free code fast
  • Simply mention your query in the comments and get the generated code in seconds
Make changes to your code by typing simple instructions inside your editor.

Streamline your testing process

Even better, CodeMate AI can analyze your codebase and generate comprehensive test cases in seconds.

  • Receive high-level documentation of your codebase to review and confirm the AI understands your code
  • Get high-quality unit and functional test cases that fit your customized requirements
Generate high-quality test cases with the click of a button.

CodeMate AI lets you search through your entire knowledge base, write and modify code in simple English, and generate test cases—all without breaking a sweat.

Churn out error-free code.

Get lifetime access to CodeMate AI today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal