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Connecting with leads on a sales call requires way more than awkward small talk. (“So, um, you answer your phone often?”)

By the time you’ve identified a high-converting lead, created a well-written sales email, and booked a phone call, you’ve spent hours trying to convert exactly one prospect.

That’s why you need an AI voicebot that can respond to buyers like a human salesperson, so you can scale your business stress-free.

Introducing VoiceGenie.


Automate sales calls with an AI-powered voice assistant that can engage in human-like conversations
Automate lead qualification and focus on the most promising prospects



VoiceGenie is a voicebot platform that helps boost lead qualification, product marketing, and sales with generative AI-powered voice assistants.

Create an AI voice assistant

VoiceGenie lets you build a generative AI-powered voicebot that can engage with leads and move them through your sales funnel.

  • Customize the name, gender, accent, and scripts of your voice assistant to fit your brand
  • Automatically generate scripts with AI or use VoiceGenie’s template scripts
  • Add phone numbers for human agents to seamlessly transfer calls when necessary
Customize your human-like voice assistant to engage with customers.

Manage campaigns on autopilot

You’ll be able to run automated engagement campaigns to develop deeper relationships with prospects throughout the buying journey.

  • Call multiple users automatically
  • Simply pick your voice assistant, add the dialer phone number, and let the AI handle the rest
Maximize your campaign performance with VoiceGenie’s automated campaign manager.

Tailor conversations for every lead

In just a few clicks, you can personalize sales calls with dynamic scripts that integrate names, emails, and other relevant details about the prospects into the call.

  • Initiate meaningful conversations with your audience to foster brand awareness
  • Build rapport and trust by injecting a client’s metadata information like their location, vehicle information, and more
  • Create a reusable contact list with leads for future sales calls
Leverage the dynamic scripts feature to personalize conversations with leads and boost connection.

Get actionable insights from calls

Best of all, VoiceGenie generates analytics after each call so you can pivot your strategy based on data-backed information from prospects.

  • Enable post-analysis questions and filter calls based on results to better understand prospects
  • Get call recordings and transcripts for more insights
  • View data on call duration, calls placed, calls answered, and status of each call
Use post-call analytics like recordings and transcripts to improve your outreach strategy.

VoiceGenie lets you automate sales calls, manage campaigns, and view call analytics to help you close more deals in record time.

Maximize your outreach with AI.

Get lifetime access to VoiceGenie today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal