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There’s no way to optimize your email marketing when your lists are riddled with fake emails. (“I hope this email finds you at all.”)

While your deliverability will keep dwindling, your bounce rates skyrocket—with your revenue hitting an all-time low.

Wish there was a tool that could instantly clean up all your lists and help you avoid the spam folder overnight?

Introducing SMTPing Email Validation.


Validate your lists to remove bots, spam traps, and blacklisted emails—and improve delivery
Monitor key metrics, access past validation results, and retrieve clean lists for new campaigns


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SMTPing Email Validation is an email validation tool that can help your business boost email deliverability.

Instantly clean up your email list

This tool can validate all your emails to help enhance live campaigns and improve the health of your lists.

  • Upload a CSV or XLSX file and start the process with a single click
  • Confirm whether each email is a bot, spam trap, or blacklisted
Upload your email list and validate every single email in one click.

Reveal key metrics

After validating your emails, SMTPing Email Validation will display real-time data on the main dashboard.

  • Review key metrics like validation success rates, common errors, and list health
  • Simplify data analysis with charts and graphs that are easy to digest
Get access to real-time metrics, charts, and graphs after validating your email list.

Validate your CVS files

Use the CSV File Validator to correctly format your CSV files, eliminating any issues before starting the validation process.

  • Validate the file structure to ensure data is properly organized and ready to process
  • Check for syntax errors like misplaced commas or commas instead of tabs
Correctly format your CSV data and make sure it’s ready to process.

Keep all your data

You can also keep a record of every verified email list to easily access past results at any time.

  • Analyze trends, assess list health, and retrieve clean lists for new campaigns
  • Ensure your efforts are documented and manageable to optimize email marketing
Access past validation results and retrieve clean lists for new campaigns.

SMTPing Email Validation makes it easy to validate all your lists and improve campaign deliverability overnight.

Clean up your email contacts.

Get lifetime access to SMTPing Email Validation today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal