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Nothing says bummer summer like spending all your time inside prowling LinkedIn for new customers. (“Sun’s out, 85 profile tabs out.”)

While prospecting, qualifying leads, and updating your CRM is vital for sales, doing it all manually would take over your entire workday.

What if there was a tool that helped you automate data enrichment with high-quality data from high-quality sources, sprinkled with AI and custom formulas?

Dive into Databar.


Enrich data using over 120 high-quality data sources and web scrapers to build targeted lead lists
Analyze, visualize, and send your data anywhere while using AI to qualify leads



Databar is a platform that can automate prospecting and data enrichment using 120+ data providers and AI templates.

Supercharge your CRM

Databar gives you access to company, people, and email data from over 120 providers and hundreds of web scrapers—all without any additional subscriptions or API keys.

  • Power your CRM with high-quality, structured data about prospective customers
  • Automate prospecting and workflows using hundreds of pre-configured APIs
  • Add and manage authentication credentials in one place
With just one click, you can automate your data collection using Databar’s API network.

Targeted outbound campaigns

Don’t waste your resources on generic outbound campaigns! Databar makes it easy to build targeted prospecting lists from places where your customers already hang out.

  • Find company data like descriptions, pricing models, revenues, fundraising, competitors, and more
  • Layer all this data with AI to help build personalized campaigns that hit your targets
Build targeted prospect lists and enrich existing data using templates and AI.

Scrape any website

  • Use the Databar Chrome extension to turn any web page into a database
  • Build on top of scraped data with data enrichments to get even more information

From there, you’ll be able to create data visualizations like charts, plots, and maps that update automatically and can be embedded anywhere.

Use Databar’s Chrome extension to gather data from any website, and then enrich and visualize it for more context.

Customize your workflows

Best of all, Databar lets you build custom workflows with webhooks, the Typeform integration, or by using custom enrichments and exporters.

  • Add your own API in just a couple of clicks
  • Automatically populate data from third-party data sources
Connect your own webhook or API to create custom integrations without breaking a sweat.

With Databar, you’ll get a library of over 120 data providers to help power your workflows, unlock new markets, scrape the web, and automate prospecting.

Enrich your leads on autopilot.

Get lifetime access to Databar today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal