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Writing content that doesn’t get indexed makes as much sense as planning a party without sending out invitations. (“No wonder nobody showed up.”)

You know indexing your content would drive more traffic to your site—but doing it all by yourself would take forever.

You need a tool that helps you index all your pages on Google, so you can get more eyes on your content without breaking a sweat.

Meet URL Monitor.


Track the index status and page health of all your URLs from a single dashboard
Automate your site indexing to start appearing in search results without the heavy lifting



URL Monitor lets you quickly index your pages on Google and track their indexing status to drive more site traffic.

Keep tabs on your indexing

URL Monitor lets you track your indexing results for your websites with daily URL monitoring from one dashboard.

  • Spot any page health issues to identify indexing problems or technical issues
  • Find out when your page was last indexed by checking the date column
Track your indexing status and page health for all your URLs on a daily basis.

Sync your sitemaps

Don’t waste time uploading sites one by one! You can automatically sync your sitemap with Google Search Console for the most up-to-date information.

  • Add entire sites for monitoring by simply uploading your sitemap or manually adding pages
  • Automatically identify new pages to index as soon as you publish them
  • Disable sitemap monitoring with the easy toggle switch
Automatically sync your latest sitemap with Google Search Console.

Automate your indexing

Once you enable auto-indexing, URL Monitor will submit your site pages to Google every day, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Filter your pages and submit them in bulk for indexing at the click of a button
  • Automatically send new URLs for indexing to show up in searches sooner
  • Monitor any changes in existing URLs to updated indexing
Automatically index your entire website with a few clicks.

Weekly reports, right in your inbox

Even better, you’ll receive weekly email reports on your indexing health to track trends without manual monitoring.

  • Get a full list of newly indexed pages to stay informed on what’s appearing in the search
  • Know when pages are deindexed and get actionable tips on how to fix it
Monitor your indexing progress with weekly email reports.

With URL Monitor, you’ll get everything you need to automate your page indexing and boost your visibility on Google.

Boost your site traffic.

Get lifetime access to URL Monitor today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal