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InstaCharts makes it easy to unlock useful insights from your spreadsheet files.

Simply upload a file, and InstaCharts will automatically produce a chart based on your data.

Easily change your chart with simple UI controls; no more highlighting ranges and fighting hidden submenus!

Find something interesting? Share your interactive chart with a coworker through a public URL.

Charts can also be saved as .png for embedding in reports.

Charts can also be embedded in webpages.


Explore data trends and unlock insights into your data
Find data trends quickly and share



Instantly create charts, graphs & data tables from your spreadsheet files.

Quickly explore your data

Upload a spreadsheet and go! Recognizes CSV, Excel, TSV, JSON file types, and more. Your data is presented in a sortable, filterable data table for easy viewing.

Smart data detection

Auto detects column types and formatting from your spreadsheet, saving you time.

Create some of the most common business charts to uncover hidden trends within your data.

Share your findings

Share interactive charts with your team via a link, or download chart images to .png or .svg for easy embedding in reports.

Intuitive chart designer

Unsure of what you’re looking for? Quickly change chart attributes without digging through multiple submenus or highlighting ranges.

Charts and data tables can be shared with others through public links.

Interactive charts

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Hover over plotted data points to get the full story of your data.

Embed into webpages

Easily embed interactive charts and data tables into webpages.

Explore data trends and unlock insights into your data.

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Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal