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You’ll never stand out in the content creation landscape if you’re stuck rewriting draft after draft for every single piece. (“Shoutout to my backspace button.”)

Since you need written content for everything from blog posts to social media captions, you don’t have the time to wait until it’s perfect to hit “publish.”

If only there was an AI-powered voice-to-text app that let you record your ideas and transform them into high-quality articles in a snap.

Dive into Flipner AI.


Turn audio files and recordings into ready-to-publish articles that fit your style, boosting your writing speed
Use the content hub feature to record and gather ideas on the go



Flipner AI is a voice-to-text app that helps you write articles faster so you can create content at scale.

Thanks to the power of voice-to-text functionality, Flipner AI lets you turn your ideas into written content just by speaking.

Record directly on the app or upload your audio files, and this app will convert your voice memos into fully-fleshed content.

No need to record one long voice file—you can record snippets and then arrange and merge your recordings into a single usable text.

Record audio directly in the app, or upload your own audio files or texts.

Even better, you can use Flipner AI’s mobile app to record voice memos right from your phone.

This is super useful for those random bursts of inspiration that hit you while you’re on the go—or just about to fall asleep.

Either way, this app serves as your own personal content hub, where you gather information for articles via voice recordings, text drafts, and snippets.

Use the Flipner AI app on the go to record anywhere, anytime.

Want to connect with an international, non-English speaking audience? Flipner AI’s got you covered.

You’ll be able to record and transcribe content in over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Arabic, and Hindi.

All you have to do is choose your voice recording’s input and output language(s) to get an accurate transcription and translation.

Record with support for 30+ languages, including English, German, Spanish, and French.

Best of all, Flipner AI gives you total control to customize the tone and style of your written content.

Choose from over 10 writing styles including business, academic, and legal, so the content fits your style.

From there, you can revise the text output on your own, or let the AI rewrite the content for you.

Rewrite your text in over 10 different writing styles like journalistic, formal, and academic.

Don’t sweat the content creation hamster wheel! Flipner AI lets you record and transform voice memos into polished articles in your brand’s style, so you can publish faster.

Boost your writing speed.

Get lifetime access to Flipner AI today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal