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Want to earn crypto coins for free?

I’ve been reading for years about free cryptocurrencies then every time regularly there is a catch, this time insteadit’s all true and no one will ever ask you for a penny but you will accumulate coin really for free.
You have to be FAST, the project is in the launch phase and are given away only to the first ones for a marketing action,it could end at any moment so get active quickly.
Today we present Hi Dollars, a very solid nonprofit company that for the launch of its project has decided to give away cryptocurrencies for free, yes you read it right completamete free and without cheating.

What is Hi Dollars?

Existing blockchains are no longer sufficient, Hi dollars was born as a non-profit project that makes speed and scalability its strength.

More than 80 team members and 15 engineers, important investors such as hashed, hashkey o longling capital give value to the project born from the minds of former managers who worked on bitcoin or

Hi dollars crypto

What to do to receive 1 free hi dollar per day ?

Receiving one free Hi Dollars per day (current value $1.3) is very easy just follow these simple steps :

  1. Download the app for ios or android from here here
  2. Install the app (you can also do it from the web if you prefer)
  3. Follow the instructions, you will be asked to send in your ID card, since money is being given away the company wants to make sure it is not requested multiple times by the same people.
  4. Once the registration is complete, every day it will be enough to click on the icon in the upper right corner in the shape of a gift package.
  5. That’s all, you’ll accumulate Hi Dollars for free that you can convert to other cryptos when the company unlocks the sale.

Why does Hi Dollars give money free ?

The cryptocurrency market has become very chaotic and since the birth of bitcoin a lot of projects have come to life, those who want to enter today must in all ways make themselves known and what better than giving away cryptocurrencies, they are mainly marketing investments.
But why should you buy or accumulate Hi Dollars? I will paste the four main points that the development team has identified.

  • Rapidly growing global community: +1 million members already trust hi
  • Building the world’s best Blockchain: hi Protocol
  • Diverse Ecosystem: Financial Services, Gaming & Lifestyle Partnerships
  • Experienced Team: Leaders who brought you and
cryptovalute gratis

Invite friends and multiply your earnings!

But the advantages to enter now in the project Hi Dollars do not end there, in addition to earning a Hi Dollar per day if you invite friends will earn an additional 0.5 hi dollar every time he redeems his prize.

This will allow you if you’re good enough to accumulate Hi Dollars to be able to set aside a small fortune the day you can redeem the cryptocurrencies.

Is Hi Dollars safe?

Obviously we can’t be sure what will happen to the market in the coming months or years, what is certain is that the project is one with the greatest growth potential and is still in the invitation-only launch phase, so either you take advantage of this opportunity now or you won’t be able to join the network.

Besides, no one will ask you for money and you won’t have to invest a single cent, so what have you got to lose? You’ll only have to open the app once a day and press in a button, easier than that?

What are you waiting for then start earning crypto for free before