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Turn Your LinkedIn Account into a Successful Lead Gen Powerhouse

Say hello to Kanbox.

Tired of stacking costly tools for LinkedIn scraping, email finding, automation, CRM, and network management?

Kanbox combines all these features in one tool:

#1 The Smartest Scraper for Linkedin and Sales Navigator

  • Import leads from LinkedIn searches, posts, events and groups
  • Obtain clean, non-duplicated data
  • Find verified professional emails
  • Refine lists in the Kanbox Lead Manager

#2 Supercharged LinkedIn Inbox and Network Manager

  • Organize your network using filters and labels in Kanbox’s Smart Inbox
  • Execute bulk actions seamlessly
  • Enjoy a full-screen chat with key member info


LinkedIn scraper for Sales Navigator with lead export, messaging, chat, and CRM pipelines for lead generation
Cutting-edge tech for clean, duplicate-free lead exports, streamlining your lead process



LinkedIn scraper and lead manager with email finder.

Just download our Chrome Extension, and it’ll automatically sync with your LinkedIn account.

Linkedin Scraper: very easy-to-use with powerful features to export:

  • LinkedIn and Sales Navigator search
  • Attendees of a event
  • Contributors to a post
  • Members of groups

Ready-to-use Data :

  • Cleaned Data: No more manual cleaning needed
  • Detect irrelevant leads that don’t match your LinkedIn searches
  • Duplicate-free

Email Finder:

  • Find professional lead emails
  • 1 email found = 1 credit spent
  • 98% of emails are verified

Lead Manager: Eliminate CSV file management hassle with Kanbox’s Lead Manager and Advanced Filters, focusing solely on relevant prospects and saving considerable time and effort.

  • Refine and segment your lists with Advanced Filters
  • Export your lists to CSV files
  • Directly work with them by importing them into Kanbox CRM Pipelines and Network Manager
Automate your lead generation campaigns.

Automate your Lead generation campaigns in just a few clicks.

Automated campaigns are NOT INCLUDED but remain available through an add-on subscription at a low price.

Choose lead lists for targeted outreach:

Select lead lists exported from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, as well as from existing pipeline columns. Simplify and refine targeting by leveraging data within Kanbox.

Automatically trigger actions:

  • Profile visits / follow
  • Connection requests
  • Messages and follow-ups

Template Message: Customize messages using templates and variables

A/B Testing: Improve campaign performance with automated AB testing. Segment recipient lists and personalize messages for better prospecting results.

Real-time tracking with auto-generated pipelines

Track campaigns instantly with auto-generated pipelines for clear oversight of outreach progress. Stay organized and informed as prospects move through, enabling timely follow-ups and optimizations for better results.

Inbox and network manager.

Kanbox is the LinkedIn Messaging solution that simplifies and streamlines your conversation management, increases your conversion rates.

With Kanbox, you can organize your Linkedin conversations so you never miss a message again:

  • Read, sort, and archive your conversations, just as you would in an email inbox
  • Filter your view to easily display only unread or unanswered messages and use labels to organize them

Boost your productivity with time-saving bulk actions that you can trigger in just a few clicks:

  • Send bulk messages and connection requests
  • Bulk archive conversations
  • Apply labels to multiple leads at once
A full-screen chat experience without ads.

Say goodbye to tiny chat windows and opt for a messaging experience designed to eliminate any disruptions from notifications and ads. Stay focused on what matters most with key information of your contacts always in view.

Leads key information at your fingertips

Remembering information about your conversation partner when you return to a conversation can be challenging. Navigating to a Linkedin profile from the chat is a daily challenge that can cause you to lose track and waste time. Kanbox eliminates this obstacle by seamlessly integrating all the information about your conversation partner directly into the chat window.

Create notes and don’t forget anything

With just one click, you can add a note to a lead that requires special attention.

Labels, pipelines and quick actions

Kanbox’s full-screen chat provides a smooth and efficient experience with quick actions at your disposal. These actions allow you to easily manage your conversation, add labels, and oversee the interlocutor’s Pipeline. No more juggling between multiple windows or applications to accomplish these tasks.

CRM pipelines (Kanban).

Kanbox incorporates CRM Pipelines for sales and recruitment, allowing you to visualize every stage of your acquisition processes and significantly enhance your lead generation efforts.

Boost productivity with bulk actions

Kanbox CRM Pipelines enable increased speed and improved organization. Various actions are at your disposal to eliminate the tedium of repetitive tasks and save a substantial amount of time.

Pipelines templates for sales and recruiters

Kanbox simplifies your sales and recruitment processes with CRM Pipelines. Through Pipeline Templates, Kanbox enhances your efficiency and allows more time for prospecting and follow-up.

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