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Today’s fast-paced digital environment practically forces you to pile on dev tools in your already cluttered workspace. (“Is there a digital version of Hoarders? There should be.”)

Thing is, you need multiple tools to develop, test, and deploy projects, but getting bogged down by tabs is draining your productivity.

That’s why you need a platform that integrates all your tools in one comprehensive environment designed for modern development teams.

Introducing Onetab AI.


Access real-time chat, kanban boards, APIs, and continuous integration and deployment in one place
Connect your datasets and pull valuable data insights using the ChatGPT-like AI assistant


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Onetab AI is a developer-first platform that integrates project management tools to simplify workflows, communication, and complex tasks.

Simplify API management

Onetab AI makes it easier than ever to create and manage multiple APIs, ensuring smooth transitions and team collaboration.

  • Create mock servers to simulate API responses
  • Set up environment variables to streamline testing and configuration
  • Validate endpoints and verify responses to stabilize API functionality
Create, test, and manage the entire API lifecycle to stabilize functionality.

Deploy on easy mode

You’ll be able to leverage automations and serverless architecture for reliable, efficient, and scalable releases—on a budget.

  • Enjoy routine and error-free code updates thanks to continuous integration
  • Standardize the user experience worldwide with global content delivery
  • Track all changes and deployments to streamline future iterations
Automate essential parts of your deployment process to scale releases on a budget.

Built for team collaboration

Collaborating with a team? Onetab AI is packed with tools to help your team work smarter, not harder.

  • Create public or private channels for team-wide announcements or specific projects
  • Bookmark messages, share files, and convert screenshots into HTML
  • Manage deadlines, priorities, and tasks using the built-in kanban board
Take advantage of real-time messaging, file sharing, kanban project tracking, and more.

Get more from your data

Even cooler, Onetab AI integrates with your databases, so you can easily sync, access, and analyze your datasets.

  • Deep dive into your datasets to uncover valuable insights for your business
  • Chat with OneAsk about your data to get the info you’re looking for right away
  • Access Git Graph to visualize your repositories and simplify the complex
Sync your database and tap into AI to extract valuable insights for your business.

Onetab AI’s developer-first tools are designed to simplify complex tasks, automate grunt work, and streamline project management across the board.

Develop smooth workflows.

Get lifetime access to Onetab AI today!

Grab APPSUMO lifetime deal